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Help our diplomats secure a peaceful resolution to Iran's nuclear program. Oppose legislation that undermines the recent Iran nuclear deal.

Jill Marie Parillo

Jill Parillo is Deputy Director for Security Programs at Physicians for Social Responsibility. Her work focuses on promoting new policies of engagement with Iran. She also works on domestic and international nuclear weapon and energy policy, with a special emphasis on how these policies can increase or decrease threats to human life and health.

Prior to joining Physicians for Social Responsibility, Parillo worked for the Congressional Research Service (CRS) where she co-authored several CRS Reports to Congress on issues relating to the U.S.-India nuclear deal, Iran and the nuclear fuel cycle.  She has also worked as a Project Associate for Nonproliferation at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. At Carnegie, her work focused on international nuclear weapon policy.

Prior to her work in Washington D.C., she worked for the Monterey Institute at the Department of Disarmament Affairs and the Conference on Disarmament at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.  In 2003, she worked in Paris as a graduate assistant at the European Union Institute for Security Studies (EU-ISS) on European security and defense policy (ESDP) and did research at L’Institut de Relations Internationales et Stratégique (IRIS) on European Union States and the War in Iraq.

She holds a Masters of Arts in International Policy from the Monterey Institute.  She speaks and researches in French and English. 

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